Have you run through all of your health and fitness lead magnet ideas?

Are you back to the drawing board and looking for something new and exciting that’s going to help you attract more fitness leads?

Fitness leads are a valuable commodity, so it’s important to offer prospects something that they find irresistible.

Here are 10 different types of lead magnets that you can use to grow your business.


10 (More) Health and Fitness Lead Magnet Ideas

Have you checked out my first post on fitness lead magnet ideas?

If not, there are plenty of great ideas there, so check that one out first then come back to get even more!

Let’s jump into the list:


1. Workout Templates

You can create two types of workout templates or fitness templates.

The first type of template is simply a pre-made sample workout that your reader can follow and change accordingly.

This is great for someone who is short on time and wants to be able to get a workout in without having to think about it too much.

If you create enough of these workout templates, you can combine them, make them look pretty in graphic design software, and create an e-book that you can sell.

The other type of workout template is a fill-in-the-blank template.

Your reader fills out the template with their own information like age, weight, and goals.

Most importantly, the template will provide room for the reader to fill in their own exercises, sets, reps, etc.

If you go this route, I’d recommend creating a template that can provide no less than four weeks of workouts.


2. Fitness Calculators

A fitness calculator is a very broad term. It’s any type of software that has a prospect typing in relevant information such as age, sex, height, weight, and fitness goal.

Based on this, the calculator will provide the prospect with a recommended product or service.

These calculators are great for both you and the customer.

They help potential customers determine the right workout and diet plan for them. And they feel confident that they’ve finally found that “one” solution to their pain point.

For you, this is a fast way to categorize the type of prospect and sell your product or service.


3. Product Samples

Do you run a supplement company?

Product samples can help potential customers decide if they want to buy your product or not.

You can offer to send out samples to customers (and have them pay the shipping).

Or you can set up shop at a local gym or fitness store to give out samples of your supplements.


4. Coupons

Everyone loves coupons!

When people have a coupon, they’re more likely to buy your product or service.

The industry standard is 10% off a first purchase upon signing up for a newsletter.

It’s a great way to be able to send new customers additional offers, news, etc.

fitness marketing ideas

5. Giveaways

Who doesn’t want to win prizes?

A traditional giveaway is when a customer purchases an item and gets entered into a drawing.

But a lot of fitness companies take a different approach.

Many fitness businesses ask customers to take pictures of themselves with the product, post it on social media, and hashtag it.

The company picks a few winners, and in the process, their brand is put in front of many more potential customers.

If you provide a service like personal training, you can have your clients post their before-and-after pictures on social media with a hashtag to be entered into the giveaway.


6. Free Consultations

When potential customers can talk to you one-on-one, they’ll be more likely to trust you and do business with you.

If you offer a fitness service like personal training or life coaching, consider offering a free, no obligation 20-minute consultation.

Not everyone is going to sign up, but the ones that do will feel confident in your ability to help them over the long haul.


7. White Papers

Have you ever heard of a white paper?

A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that addresses a problem and provides a possible solution.

It’s like an e-book, but it’s more in-depth and usually contains data or research to back up the claims made.

If you can write a white paper on a topic related to fitness, you’ll be able to position yourself as an expert in your field.

Plus, you can use the white paper to sell a product or service that solves the problem addressed in the paper.

8. Health and Fitness Cheat Sheets

Similar to an infographic, a health and fitness cheat sheet takes a complicated topic or pain point and boils down the solution to the essentials.

For example, a lot of people have a hell of a time with meal planning.

If you can distill the fundamentals of meal planning into a simple cheat sheet, you can offer this to your audience.

In exchange for this cheat sheet, people will provide you with their contact information.

As I mentioned above, this gives you a chance to send them updates, offers, or trust-building emails.


9. Sales Scripts

If you’re a gym manager, do you remember your first sales conversation. Was it awkward?

If you’re a personal trainer, do you remember your first fitness consultation and asking for the sale? Were you tripping over your words?

Case in point: Those of us who have to sell our product or service know only too well how tough it can be to find the right words.

Sales scripts are amazing for fitness business owners who are new to the game and want to feel more comfortable talking with prospects.

If you’re in charge of a B2B website, serving other fitness business owners, consider providing a sales script that worked for you.

This will help them increase their closing rates when they reach out to prospects.


10. Training Plans

I’ve held off on mentioning a training or workout plan as a fitness lead magnet simply because it’s usually the go-to option for most fitness businesses.

So, I’ll say this: Offering a free training plan to prospects works, but given the amount of competition in this industry, you need to have one damn good training plan.

If you’re a personal trainer, you really need to put a lot of effort and attention into this type of lead magnet because you’re going up against guys like Jeff Cavaliere from Athlean-X.

He’s giving out incredible workouts for free. So, you need to offer something that he can’t.

With all those scary words out of the way: A training program is a great idea as a fitness lead magnet, especially if you’re in a niche part of the industry.

If you’re not sure about your free training plan, contact me and I’ll be happy to give it a look to tell you how you can make it better.


Want to Bring These Health and Fitness Lead Magnet Ideas to Life?

If you’re looking for fitness lead magnets, consider offering some of the ideas I listed above.

These options will help you position yourself as an expert in your field and increase your chances of closing a sale.

If you’re not sure how to make these lead magnets happen, let’s chat!

I can help you turn your lead magnet ideas into tangible products that will engage and entertain your prospects.

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