The days of skating by on referrals are long gone. A high-impact fitness website is essential to effectively market your products and services.

Here are the five pages every fitness website should have to increase interest, educate prospective clients, and support sales.

Home Page

The home page is the foundation of your website, providing an overview into what your fitness business offers.

Think of your home page like a trailer for a film. Keep it short and concise while piquing an interest in what you provide.

Your home page should encourage future clients to explore the rest of your website so avoid using complicated fitness terms.


The about page of your fitness website is your opportunity to answer most, if not all, of the following questions:

  • Who are you?
  • How long has your business or brand been around?
  • What is your background (education, work history, and other credentials)?
  • What is your mission or philosophy?

Highlight unique aspects of your expertise that a client will not easily find elsewhere. What makes you different?

For example, exercise professionals can feature their certifications. When you look at my about page, you’ll see I’m a certified personal trainer through NASM but I also have certifications in fitness nutrition and sports conditioning.

Products or Services

When reviewing your products or services, focus on the benefits you provide. Connect the dots between the client’s pain points and how you’re the solution.

For example, someone is unhappy because they are overweight. Personal trainers do more than help clients lose weight – they help to build confidence and foster a better headspace.

Weight loss is a feature, but confidence and happiness are benefits of your services.

Be as concise as possible. There’s no need to write a novel about each product or service you offer. You can talk more about the value you provide during a consultation call or meeting.

fitness copywriter working on his fitness website

Showcase Your Skills or Products

This provides proof that you can deliver what you claim. Here are a few options, depending on your business:

Portfolio: If you’re a fitness writer, display copywriting examples of articles, e-books, etc.

Testimonials: If you’re an exercise professional, showcase video testimonials featuring your clients telling their stories and how you helped them.

Reviews: If you offer fitness equipment, workout programs, or supplements, use client reviews to show proof that the product works.


This is how your prospective client or customer will get in touch with you to discuss the following:

Client Project: If you’re a fitness copywriter, a client will want to talk about the project variables.

Services: If you’re an exercise professional, a client will want more information about your services, qualifications, and experience.

Product Information: From heavy metals testing to troubleshooting, customers are going to have questions about your fitness product.

Make it easy to reach you by placing your contact information at the bottom of every page on your site (in the footer).

Honorable Mention: Blogs

A blog offers valuable content to readers. This can help to build an audience or community while increasing brand recognition and authority in the industry.

Fitness blog posts can also increase traffic to your website. For each blog you write, you increase the chances for your website to show up in search engines.

The more traffic to your site, the greater the potential for sales.

Get Engaging Copy for Your Fitness Website

Does your fitness website need an update in any of these five pages? Do you even have all five pages?

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