As we move into 2022, the fitness industry is continuing to grow online, and that means there is a lot of potential for growth within different avenues of the fitness industry.

Online personal training, fitness writing, and B2B fitness sales are just a few examples.

Whether you want to support your fitness business or you want to get started with a fitness blog, it’s a perfect time to set up shop and make your online presence known.

As a fitness writer, you’ll need to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and topics in the fitness industry so that you can produce content that your readers will love.

Here are over 200 fitness topics to write about!

fitness topics to write about

Quick Tips for Writing Your Fitness Blog Posts

Before we get jump into all of the fitness topics to write about, you might be wondering if your business needs a blog.

The quick answer is: Yes, yes, and yes.

You can read about why your business needs a blog in my post called, “Does my fitness business need a blog?

Blogging is incredibly important for your authority, sales, and long-term business strategy. Once you start putting figurative pen to digital paper, here are several quick tips for writing your fitness blog posts:


Keep it Relevant to Your Business

Be sure to focus on topics that your readers will be interested in.

That means you need to include topics that are relevant to your niche or part of the fitness industry.

If you’re selling weight loss supplements, you probably wouldn’t want to write about the best fitness equipment to take with you while traveling.

Likewise, if you’re a personal trainer, stick to the topics your clients keep asking about.

These topics need to matter to your audience. Your readers should understand how they can benefit from reading your content.

This is how you’ll ensure they keep coming back for more.


Match the Language to the Audience

Write in a style that is relatable and easy to understand.

In general, write so that a middle school student will easily understand it.

I’d advise against using complicated fitness terms. The exception would be if you’re marketing to other business owners in your industry.

For example, if you provide personal trainers with fitness equipment that will make their jobs easier while coaching, you can use the fitness terms they would know.

If you’re not targeting others in the industry, it’s safe to assume that you should write for the layperson.

There’s a good chance that trying to sound educated with impressive words will turn off your readers, especially if they are just looking for something quick and simple.


Keep it Simple and Concise

Continuing with the point above, don’t overcomplicate things, just keep the information straight to the point.

There’s no need to fluff your pieces. It’s painfully obvious and your readers will quickly catch on.

Remember – you’re trying to get them interested in what you have to say, not hit a certain word count.


Grab Attention and Provide Value

The ever-tricky balancing act of attention and value.

Yes, you need to make sure your content is engaging but you also must give something of value to your readers.

Don’t churn out the same fitness post that’s been delivered by two dozen other fitness businesses.

Explore your niche. Consider your experience. Write what you know.

Most importantly, look for opportunities that other fitness websites have missed.

For example, how can you put a creative, clever, and genuine spin on a tried-and-true topic like, “How to Perform a Squat Correctly”?

Do you have a specific pneumonic device that helps you remember all the steps?

Do you have a system that is uniquely yours?

Do you have an above-and-beyond tutorial video that you know is better than most trainers out there?

Find their weaknesses and promote your strengths.

I elaborate on all of these points in my post, 7 Tips on How to Write an Interesting Blog.


Fitness Topics to Write About

Whether you’re having writer’s block, or you are just starting with your fitness blog, you’ll find plenty of fitness topics to get you going below.

Check back regularly as this list will be updated regularly, depending on what’s popular.


Current Events

What’s in the news when it comes to fitness? Trending current events related to health and wellness are always needed, especially if you have a hot take based on your expertise.

  1. COVID and the rise of at-home fitness
  2. How the pandemic has impacted the fitness industry
  3. The future of fitness
  4. Benefits of online personal training
  5. How to become an online personal trainer
  6. How to be a great personal trainer
  7. The business of fitness: franchising, starting your own studio, tips for success
  8. Annual competitions such as the Mr. Olympia and the Arnold Classic
  9. Popular / New fitness equipment gear
  10. Latest research and new studies in fitness
  11. Fitness fashion: what’s hot this year? What do you need in your closet?
  12. Inspirational stories about people who have overcome incredible odds
  13. The rise of bodyweight training
  14. How fitness is becoming more and more accessible
  15. Yoga and meditation continue to grow in popularity
  16. HIIT workouts still going strong
  17. Strength training becoming more mainstream
  18. Healthy eating trends for the year
  19. Podcasts about fitness and health (and guests on those podcasts)
  20. Books about fitness, health, nutrition, etc. that are popular right now
  21. Articles about body image and self-love that are going around social media
  22. Fitness challenges to do at home or at the gym


Controversial Fitness Topics

Everyone loves a good debate, especially when it comes to fitness.

The perfect example is the debate on whether eggs are good or bad. (Can you believe this is STILL going on?)

Here are some heavily debated fitness topics that are sure to bring traffic your way.

  1. Is spot reduction real?
  2. Is CrossFit dangerous?
  3. Does the keto diet actually work?
  4. Can you be fit and overweight?
  5. Should women weight train differently than men?
  6. Is sugar bad for you?
  7. The best time of day to work out
  8. How much water should you drink a day?
  9. Tips on how to get started with fitness
  10. How to create a sustainable workout routine that works for you
  11. How to make fitness a habit
  12. Best practices for working out
  13. Foods that help or hurt your fitness goals
  14. What are the best exercises for abs?
  15. The best exercises for weight loss
  16. Are cleanses healthy or unhealthy? How do you choose the right one?


Exercise and Workouts

If you’re starting a fitness blog about exercise and workouts, there is no shortage of things to write about.

The trick, as I mentioned above, is that you have to find new ways to present old and boring material.

Here are some fitness blog topics to write about focusing on exercises and workouts.

  1. Niche (trending) workouts such as CrossFit, pole dancing, barre, yoga, etc.
  2. How-To guides for complicated exercises
  3. Best exercises for seniors
  4. Workouts for stay-at-home moms
  5. How to start working out for beginners
  6. Easy workouts that can be done during your lunch break
  7. Sightseeing while jogging
  8. Home workouts that can be done while the kids are napping
  9. What are the best workouts to do in the least amount of time?
  10. Stretching routine for when you’re short on time
  11. How to get started with HIIT
  12. HIIT for beginners: a guide from start to finish
  13. What are the best exercises for getting abs
  14. Best exercises for building your booty
  15. Chest exercises for women
  16. The best shoulder exercises for men and women
  17. Absolute beginner’s guide to lifting weights
  18. The 20-minute workout challenge
  19. How to burn 500 calories in 30 minutes
  20. A beginner’s guide to working out at home
  21. The benefits of having a fitness coach
  22. Should you invest in a personal training session?
  23. Best exercises to do with resistance bands
  24. How to do push-ups correctly every time
fitness writer on couch

Rest and Recovery

Can’t talk about working out without also mentioning the importance of rest and recovery.

  1. How much time do you need when recovering from an injury?
  2. What’s the optimal post-workout recovery time?
  3. What are the best recovery exercises for when you’re nursing a sore muscle?
  4. How much sleep do you need to recover from your workout?
  5. Getting enough protein after a tough workout session
  6. Can you overtrain?
  7. How to refuel after a workout
  8. The best post-workout snacks for fitness enthusiasts
  9. What are the benefits of foam rolling?
  10. Massage tips for self-myofascial release
  11. The importance of stretching after a workout
  12. Yoga poses for back pain
  13. Yoga for beginners: how can you get started?
  14. Pilates exercises for beginners
  15. How to foam roll your calves
  16. How to use a foam roller for your IT band
  17. The best post-workout stretches for people who are short on time
  18. Self-care tips for fitness enthusiasts


Tips for Training and Living the Lifestyle

Fitness goes beyond working out and eating well.

A lot of people are looking for tips and tricks on how to transition into the fitness lifestyle and make it who they are.

Here are some fitness topics focusing on commonly asked questions about making fitness a habit.

  1. The benefits of resistance training
  2. How do I choose a good gym?
  3. How to find the best yoga class for you
  4. Kids and fitness: tips for getting your children moving
  5. Living a healthy lifestyle as a busy person
  6. How to introduce your kids to working out
  7. How to make time to exercise
  8. Why is it essential to have a regular exercise program?
  9. Importance of variety in your workout
  10. Why is weight training important?
  11. What are the benefits of using a weight bench?
  12. Why should I be doing squats?
  13. What are the benefits of weightlifting?
  14. The importance of a warm-up before your workout session
  15. Tips for training outdoors when you live in a cold climate
  16. How to start a fitness routine without a gym membership


Fitness Gear, Equipment, and Clothing

Decades ago, the only thing you really had to know about gear and equipment was whether you were using dumbbells or a barbell and weight plates.

Now, there are hundreds of pieces of popular gear, tech, and equipment. Not to mention, fitness clothing for every type of workout.

  1. Most reliable fitness equipment and gear
  2. How to buy your first piece of fitness equipment
  3. What are the best fitness trackers?
  4. How to choose the right sports bra for your workout
  5. Best sneakers for CrossFit workouts
  6. What’s the difference between running shoes and cross-training shoes?
  7. What are the best clothes to wear to the gym?
  8. How to layer your clothing for a workout
  9. How to dress for running in cold weather
  10. Running gear essentials: what do you need?
  11. The benefits of having your own fitness equipment at home
  12. Why you should invest in high-quality fitness apparel and gear
  13. What are the best clothing brands for fitness?
  14. How to buy a treadmill for your home gym
  15. The best rowing machines for your home gym
  16. How to set up a home gym on a budget
  17. Best clothes for working out – what to wear and what to avoid
  18. How to dress for your body type
  19. What not to wear when working out
  20. How to make your own fitness clothing


Diet: Nutrition and Supplements

Just as popular (and fiercely debated) as exercise and training, diet and nutrition is the other piece of the fitness puzzle.

  1. How to meal prep on a budget
  2. Meal prepping for vegetarians/vegans
  3. Healthy eating tips for college students
  4. Dieting trends – everything from juice cleanses to the ketogenic diet
  5. Supplements – which ones are worth trying?
  6. Benefits of a certain vitamin, mineral, etc.
  7. Busting common nutrition myths such as “carbs make you fat” or “fat is bad for you”.
  8. How to eat before, during, and after a workout
  9. Healthy diet tips when you’re short on time
  10. How to read food labels
  11. What are the best foods to eat before a race?
  12. How to make your own sports drink
  13. Does sugar really make you fat?
  14. The effects of caffeine on the body
  15. Are energy drinks dangerous?
  16. How to eat healthy as a busy person
  17. Does organic food really make a difference in your health?
  18. Is it good or bad to count calories?
  19. Diet apps and tools
  20. How to meal prep for the week
  21. Healthy eating on a budget
  22. Pre-workout snacks: what are the best options?
  23. Post-workout meals: refueling properly
  24. Protein: what you need to know
  25. Should you be drinking protein shakes?
  26. What are the benefits of intermittent fasting?
  27. The keto diet explained
  28. The benefits of eating clean
  29. Carb cycling: what is it, and how does it work?
  30. Best pre-workout meals for men and women
  31. What to eat before a morning workout?


Travel Fitness

This one is my bread and butter. I traveled for 4 years straight, and all along the way, I realized something:

Travel fitness is exploding in popularity.

Here are some great travel fitness topics to write about.

  1. How to stay fit when traveling?
  2. How to make time to exercise while traveling
  3. Make fitness accessible: the top bodyweight workouts you can do anywhere
  4. What are the benefits of exercising outdoors?
  5. Tips for healthy eating while traveling or on the road
  6. How to stay fit on a road trip
  7. Best fitness apps for travelers
  8. Workout routines you can do in your hotel room
  9. Benefits of training outdoors when traveling (or at home)
  10. How to get a good workout in while traveling – no equipment needed!
  11. Park workouts for beginners – no equipment needed!
  12. How to find fitness classes in your destination
  13. Best yoga retreats around the world
  14. Top CrossFit gyms around the world
  15. Workout tips when you’re short on time while traveling
  16. How to stay motivated when traveling
  17. How to eat healthy while traveling
  18. Meal prepping for travel – tips, tricks and recipes!
  19. The best fitness classes around the world: what to try and where to go
  20. How I stayed fit while traveling for a year straight!
  21. Stretching tips when you’re traveling


Motivation and Mindset

We all get into a slump when we’re trying to actively make healthy changes happen.

Motivation and mindset are incredibly popular topics right now.

For example, think about the success and the sky-high daily website and podcast traffic of David Goggins and Jocko Willink.

Here are some motivation and mindset topics as they relate to health, fitness, and overall wellness.

  1. How to stay motivated when working out and/or dieting
  2. Benefits of meditation
  3. How fitness helps with mental health
  4. How exercising can be a stress reliever
  5. How to make working out a habit?
  6. How to be accountable to your fitness goals?
  7. What are some of the best ways to stay focused and driven?
  8. The power of positive thinking in fitness
  9. How do I overcome a weight loss plateau?
  10. Tracking your progress – how, why, and what to track
  11. Lifestyle and mental health: How fitness affects all aspects of life
  12. The effects of sleep on your fitness goals (or lack thereof)
  13. What are the best ways to get enough sleep?
  14. What is self-care and why is it important?
  15. How to deal with setbacks in your fitness journey (tips for picking yourself back up)
  16. Stress management – how can fitness help?
  17. How do you stick with a workout routine when life gets busy?
  18. How to stick with a fitness routine when you can’t get to the gym.
  19. Tips and tricks for training while dealing with injuries or pain.
  20. How do I overcome negative thinking?
  21. What are some positive affirmations that can help in terms of health, fitness, and wellness?
  22. How does exercise affect the mind and body?
  23. What are some ways to practice self-love?
  24. Can exercise help with anxiety and depression?
  25. The best way to relax after a long day
  26. The benefits of being a morning person
  27. How to make fitness a part of your lifestyle
  28. Can working out too much have negative effects?
  29. Why it’s important not to compare yourself to others in the fitness world.
  30. The benefits of having a workout buddy


What to Listen to During Your Workouts

  1. Best workout mixes for men and women
  2. Best fitness podcasts for men and women
  3. How to make your own workout mix
  4. Best motivational songs for working out
  5. How music affects the way you work out
  6. What are the best headphones for working out?
  7. Can you listen to music while you work out?
  8. What are the benefits of listening to music while working out?
  9. Podcasts and audiobooks for fitness enthusiasts


Local Fitness Topics

Here are some health and fitness topics to write about with a local spin.

  1. Best gyms in your city
  2. Best fitness classes in your city
  3. Best personal trainers in your city
  4. Finding a gym that fits your needs
  5. What are some of the unique fitness studios in your town?
  6. Where is the best place to run in your city?
  7. Fitness events in your city
  8. Yoga studios in your city
  9. CrossFit boxes in your city
  10. The best parks for fitness in your city
  11. Where to order healthy takeout in your town or city: what are the best options?
  12. How to find a workout buddy in your area
  13. What are some unique ways to work out in your city?
  14. What are some of the best local fitness products and services?
  15. The best places to buy workout clothes and gear in your city
  16. Where to get a healthy and nutritious meal in your town
  17. Best fitness apps for tracking workouts in your city
  18. How to find a running route in your city
  19. What are the best outdoor workout spots in your city?
  20. The most challenging hikes in your city


Have Enough Fitness Blog Topics to Write About?

There are a lot of trending fitness topics to write about. Keep an eye on this list, as it will be updated regularly!

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