Want to build or grow your customer base? Marketing your fitness business is key. One of the best marketing tools at your disposal is your website.

Your fitness website allows you to demonstrate your credibility in the industry, offer valuable content for your audience, and highlight your products or services to prospective clients.

Effective fitness copywriting can ensure potential customers click that button to buy your product, sign up for an intro class, or contact you directly. This is where a fitness copywriter can help you.


What Does a Fitness Copywriter Do?

A fitness writer provides written content for your fitness business, including text for web pages, blog posts, e-books, course materials, and newsletters.

If you’ve ever hired a fitness copywriter or if you’re considering hiring one, you may wonder exactly what you’re paying for. You deserve to know about the work that goes into each piece of copy and how it will help your business.

Although I wish it were as simple as sitting down and effortlessly writing a masterpiece, there’s a lot of thought, work, and time that goes into every writing project. Here’s a look at my process from the first call to the final product.


Understanding Your Project

This is where we will lay the groundwork for the upcoming project. Through emails or calls, we will perform a deep dive of your business to make sure I understand your fitness niche, target market, short-term and long-term goals, and what you’d like to achieve with your project.

I will ask for any information that you can provide to help me understand you, your brand, and your vision. This could include brochures, current products or systems, and reports. We’ll also discuss deliverables, including milestones and deadlines.

After collecting all the information that I need, I will make suggestions to improve the scope and entirety of the project.


Collect Materials and Conduct Research

Many of the projects that I’m hired to write require research. Here are a few examples:

  • Performing keyword research for optimizing blog posts for search engines
  • Reading peer-reviewed studies in scholarly journals to support claims
  • Reviewing trends in the industry for relevant and immediate content

Variables and direction might change based on something I find and share with you, which is why thorough research is essential at the beginning and throughout the entirety of your project.

why i became a fitness writer


Create an Outline for Your Approval

With my initial research finished, I write an outline, which is a necessary tool to identify, summarize, and structure the content before I write a full draft. Think of it like the blueprint of a building, allowing you to see a preview of the finished product.

Depending on the written content, an outline may contain titles, subheadings, meta data, and brief notes about each topic section. Outlines also act as a reference for project milestones, so you’ll always know what I’m working on and what to expect.

Once the outline is completed, you’ll review it and request changes, if needed. Revisions at this stage will reduce the need for changes to full drafts, saving time and allowing you to focus more on other aspects of your business.


Writing a Draft

Using the outline as a roadmap and building on the direction you’ve provided, I write your content.

First drafts are often rough, so once it’s finished, I let it breathe for at least a few hours – ideally a day or two – so that I can view it again with a critical eye and make necessary changes. I perform several revisions, editing for content, clarity, language, and finally, proofreading for spelling and grammar.

When I’m happy with the finished draft, I format it for delivery according to your specifications. For example, changing fonts and stylings, or preparing the file in a Word Doc or Google Doc.

The goal is to make the draft as perfect as possible before sending it to you. With everything ready to go, I give the content a final read before clicking the SEND button.


Feedback and Revisions

This is when you’ll review the work and send me your feedback. Here are some things I will ask you to check for when reviewing the content:

  • Scope: Has the entire scope of the project been met? Have I completed specific project tasks, deliverables, and goals to your satisfaction? Did I turn in the content by the deadline?
  • Branding: Does the style of the writing match your brand and your vision?
  • Target Audience: Will the writing appeal to your target audience? For example, if your audience is primarily women, ages 24 to 35, does the language feel like it’s aimed at them?
  • Tone: Does the writing capture the tone you want? For example, does the article have a casual and humorous tone as you envisioned?

Based on your notes, I’ll revise and then send an updated draft back to you. This process of feedback and revisions continues until you’re completely satisfied with the written content.


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