I’ve been in the industry for two decades as a fitness writer, certified personal trainer, and fitness nutrition specialist. But there was a time when my diet consisted of snack cakes and frozen pizzas. What sparked the change from unhealthy teenager to health-focused adult? Why did I become a personal trainer and fitness writer?

My fitness journey began when I stopped to look at a bodybuilding magazine in a grocery store.


Bad Diet, Poor Health

It’s an understatement to say that my family didn’t know how to choose healthy foods.

In the house, vegetables were a rare sight.

Meals consisted of toaster waffles for breakfast, pizza and fries at school, and a TV dinner back at home. Is it any wonder that I never felt well? Although I was a kid, I knew that my routine fatigue and sickness had something to do with my poor nutrition.


Catalyst for Change

When I was sixteen, I worked as a cashier at a local grocery store. As I walked through the magazine aisle one day, something caught my attention. It was Jay Cutler, fresh from his win at the 2003 Arnold Classic. He was on the cover of FLEX, performing the classic side chest pose.

The magazine promised tips for healthy eating, muscle building workouts, and an interview with the man himself. I didn’t know that it would ignite a passion for fitness and inspire me to become a personal trainer.


Passion to Profession: Why I Became a Personal Trainer

During the next two years, I read all that I could about health and fitness. At first, I used the knowledge to change my own body, gaining fifteen pounds of muscle mass over the course of a summer vacation.

But it wasn’t long until I wanted to share what I had learned with others. I wanted to help people achieve their own fitness goals and feel better about themselves.

Within two years, I received my first personal training certification. I’ve earned a new specialization every two years since then. I trained hundreds of clients, but I knew I could do more. I knew that I could reach more people.

That’s when I thought back to how I had entered the world of health and fitness: the magazine.

Fitness writer typing on laptop, writing fitness blogs.

Writing Came First

I’ve been a writer since the moment I could pick up a pen and put it to paper. When I was a kid, I always wrote short stories. This continued into university where I studied professional writing. Fiction had always been my go-to. However, my interest in nonfiction began with health and fitness and a yearning to educate others. I wanted to teach people how to eat better, exercise safely, and improve their lives.

Becoming a fitness writer allowed me to reach even more people than I could as a personal trainer. I distilled what I knew into easy-to-understand articles.

I started with a few basic blog posts, and it wasn’t long before I got requests for workout programs, dietary recommendations, and content for other websites.

That’s when I realized that I could merge my passion for fitness and my love of writing and make a career for myself.


A Fitness Writer Was Born

In 2013, I dedicated myself to fitness writing full-time, providing written content in the form of articles, e-books, and training guides. Many of these training guides are now recertification textbooks for personal trainers.

I wrote about muscle building, weight loss, nutrition, supplements, and fitness trends, reaching an audience far bigger than I could if I had stayed in the gym.

I even started a travel fitness blog while living abroad and traveling full time. Fitness Wanders helps people get and stay in shape while they are traveling near and far.


I Want to Help You with Your Fitness Business

Years later, I still help fitness businesses, including gyms, personal trainers, and fitness websites, with content creation. I write comprehensive articles, e-books, and guides based on the latest research in exercise science, nutrition, and supplementation.

Here at Write Fit, I publish plenty of blog posts that will help you improve your fitness business.

I teach you how to reach new clients, attract visitors, and provide your current clients with better information through blog post ideas, script suggestions for fitness videos, e-book recommendations, and much more.

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