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My Services: Fitness Website Copywriting

Professional fitness website copywriting can be the difference between losing a sale and gaining a loyal customer. Learn about my process behind writing copy.

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10 More Health and Fitness Lead Magnet Ideas

Not sure what type of valuable content you can offer to attract prospects and have them subscribe? Here are 10 health and fitness lead magnet ideas to try!

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Best Social Media for Fitness Businesses

Want to get your fitness blog and business in front of your target market? Use social media! Here’s the best social media for fitness businesses.

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Benefits of Having a Blog for Your Business

Not sure if you need a fitness blog to promote your product / service? Here are the benefits of having a blog for your business.

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30-Day Fitness Challenge Ideas for Gyms

Looking for a fun way to engage, educate, and inspire your members? Try these 30-day fitness challenge ideas for gyms and studios.

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What Are Other Jobs for Personal Trainers?

Thinking about a career change? Check out these other jobs for personal trainers that can help you make money in a different way within the fitness industry.

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How to Structure a Blog Post for a Fitness Blog

New to fitness blogging and now sure where to start? Here’s a quick guide on how to structure a blog post for your fitness website.

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Benefits of Copywriting for a Fitness Website

Clear and professional copywriting is crucial to your fitness business. Here are the benefits of copywriting and why you need to focus on writing good copy.

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How to Get Clients as an Online Personal Trainer

Learn how to get clients as an online personal trainer with these 9 tips that focus on online content marketing such as blogs, fitness forums, and social media.

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